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Join us today for an eight-week blended, synchronous and asynchronous course designed for EFL/ESL/ELT teachers migrating towards providing Business English classes to professional clients. During this course, pre-class video materials will be provided which will be discussed and interpreted during your live interactive weekly session with one of our professionals. Your class size is limited to only six learners in order to provide you ample time for thorough interaction.


Although the duration of the course can be variable according to your involvement and usage of the contents, a total of 30 hours is suggested over a period of two months. At the end of the course, you will have all that you need to succeed as a Business English teaching professional.


Can any EFL teacher be a business teacher?

Defining Business English.

Critical Thinking for BE.

Adaptability in the Business Class. How, when and why.

Tools and source materials for the BE teacher.

Adapting the course book to the Business student.

Corpus Linguistics for BE.

Needs Analysis.

Going beyond the language.

Cultural literacy and its affects on communication.

Presentations skills for BE clients.

Course design for BE.

Blended Learning for BE.

Rubrics, self assessment and feedback.

Running the business.

Growing the business.

Marketing, pricing and the right way to collaborate.

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